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At Swim Like a Fish LA, my philosophy and goal is for children to feel and be safe in the water. shimLearning to swim is a valuable skill that can save a child's life and increase their self-esteem. My method of teaching varies according to the individual needs of each child. I believe that learning to swim is not only a life saving skill, but also a tool for building confidence and gaining independence in life. The lessons that are learned in the pool will benefit children long after they learn to swim.

Swim like a Fish LA Swim School was established in 2008 to provide water safety instruction for children in the privacy and familiarity of their own pool or your housing community pool.  With my experience I know how to motivate swimmers using games, toys and other positive teaching tools – in a gentle and nurturing way. From the beginning my swimmers are taught in a caring and positive environment, and my one-on-one student/teacher ratio ensures that your child is the focus of the entire lesson. I believe one-on-one lessons to be the most effective and efficient methods for teaching swimming. Each lesson is individually tailored to the students' learning style and developmental level which promotes quick and effective learning. I do not believe in the use of aggressive techniques in learning to swim as they could be emotionally and/or physically hazardous and could cause a child to fear the water.

Swimming is the closest thing on this earth to a perfect sport. It exercises all the major muscles of the body; it helps your heart, blood vessels and lungs. It also gives you stronger, firmer muscles, increases flexibility, while causing minimal trauma to your muscles and bones. Swimming can provide a lifelong satisfaction with one's health!

Swim Like A Fish serves all of the San Fernando Valley, greater Los Angeles and Beach Areas.

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