Swim Like a Fish LA


I began my swimming career at age five, and swam competitively for twelve years. I taught swim lessons at a local YMCA and have been a lifeguard for over 10 years. I have also had the opportunity to coach swim team starting in 2000 for five years, and am skilled in the teaching development and mastering of stroke technique. Outside the pool, I have worked in an elementary school as a behavioral instructor working with children who need extra help in the classroom.  My classroom skills and pool experience allow me to specialize in teaching individuals to swim by using entertaining developmental methods that break down the basic elements of swimming in a simplistic and child-friendly manner. I focus on swimmers individually to develop water safety skills and strokes, and understand that children learn best when the teacher is consistent. I am committed to providing quality lessons for you and your children. I have a 95% success rate in getting people ages three and up swimming within ten lessons, but I start with babies as young as six months old. Being great with children is something I am very proud of, and to be a part of their development and water safety education makes me very happy.

I am a mother to two beautiful children who are as passionate about water as their mother. My son first got in the pool when he was 6 months old and after summer lessons he was swimming under the water. He is now 2 1/2 and can swim the width of most pools on his own.   My daughter was also in the water at 6 months and now at 15 months is comfortable swimming under the water.  It is never early to get your son or daughter in the pool!

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