Swim Like a Fish LA

Contact and Pricing

Please contact me at the number listed below to schedule appointments or if you have any further questions.

Safoura Majma


Your payment in full is required at the end of each class session.  If your schedule does not allow too much flexibility in the times you need, then you may pay in advance to guarantee your time slot for each week.

* 15 Minute Lessons

$25 each

* 30 Minute Lessons

$50 each

* 45 Minute Lessons

$65 each

* 60 Minute Lessons

$85 each

* Private lessons are for Infants-Adults.
* 15 Minute lessons are for children under the age of 2.5. 
* 30-45 Minute lessons recommend for children
* 60 Minutes for Older Children & Adults training


Semi-Private lessons include splitting the time and cost of one lesson between two clients. In this case, either both children can be taught simultaneously in the pool or the duration of the lesson can be divided between them. If one person cancels prior to the 24-hour cancellation period, then lesson will be taught as a private and no make up will be allowed. See cancellation policy for details.

30 Minutes

$25 per student

45 minutes

$32.5 per student

* 2 Students are in the water together with one instructor 
* 4 Years Old + Only 
* Similar age & ability level only 

All cancellations must be made by 8 am the day of your lesson.

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