Swim Like a Fish LA

How I Work

New swimmers begin the process by learning a special routine that involves foam noodles, toys, and kick boards. Skills are built in layers within a structured, step-by-step carefully designed curriculum that helps children thrive and feel safe in the water. My students move forward as confident swimmers and know how to use their water safety skills and abilities in any situation. As students progress they learn step-by-step how to breathe properly, rest and swim to safety. Our positive teaching tactics give swimmers the confidence they’ll need to overcome challenges, and to continuously improve their water skills and techniques. In addition, I work around your busy schedule. My flexible scheduling offers working parents the ability to arrange lessons as they fit into the family schedule, making the entire experience less stressful for everyone.

I arrive 5 minutes before lessons to allow time to find out if there are any new concerns. Lessons will start and end on time. WE SWIM RAIN or SHINE (unless there is lightning)!  If you are unable to make it that day, please call my cell by 8am same day of lesson.

Parents should have a positive attitude! Children often mirror their parents' moods.

Lessons are purchased in sets of
twelve and should be paid before the first lesson. Slots are filling up fast, so the earlier payment is received the more likely you are to get your preferred time slot.

Parents may watch the lesson as long as the child is not distracted. If child is distracted, please adhere to the recommendation of the swim instructor and stay to an 'out of eyeshot but within earshot' range specified by the instructor.  Having your complete attention greatly develops your child’s swimming

Make-ups are usually not available. Unfortunately, due to months of planning, I am unable to accommodate rescheduling.

No child is ever allowed in the pool without me being in with them.

All children under the age of 5 and who are not potty trained are required to wear an elastic-edged reusable swim diaper.

Goggles with a plastic hard bridge over the nose are recommended.

Please be sure that nannies, grandparents or anyone coming to lessons are aware of all the rules. 

Try and not to feed your child 2.5 - 3 hours be
fore their scheduled lesson.

Parents must disclose if a child has special needs or health issues, not limited to but including ADD, ADHD, autism, developmental disabilities, coordination issues, and asthma.

Girls or boys with long hair must have it tied up in a ponytail or worn in a swim cap to help him or her see.

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